INDUFLO represents industrial OEMs in a diverse range of markets, from chemical to automotive, and the contracting community.  We’ve worked with General Motors, Ford Motor Company, Johnson Controls and other Fortune 500 companies.  Our industry and technical knowledge, customer service and bold warranty set us apart from other distributors.  We don’t just sell components, we provide solutions.

Experience. We have excellent market knowledge which helps us target the best opportunities and avoid wasting money and resources chasing less than ideal projects. Our experience with various sizes and configurations of equipment, from both the representative and purchasing sides, allows us to tackle the most complex projects.

Engineering.  To ensure our products perform as designed, we’ve hired hydronic systems engineers to help our customers with their sizing and selections. We educate customers as to why our solution or component is the correct choice, which takes the burden away from our manufacturers and enables us to stand behind our products 100%.

Customer Service.  Our team of experts have forged deep relationships over the past 25+ years with some of the largest companies in the world. We’ve been able to do this by communicating effectively, being responsive, taking ownership in our projects, incorporating value added services, delivering on time and providing the best solution within the given parameters.

Warranty.  To demonstrate the confidence we have in our products and our ability to properly size them in each application, we offer an industry-best 2 YEAR WARRANTY for all non-abrasive applications. If failure occurs within the provided specifications and operating conditions, we’ll replace the product free of charge. Contact us for details.

Local Approach.  We are entrenched in our local market where we have identified the key companies and contacts to help our business – and yours – grow.

Whether you are looking to increase sales or expand your products into a new market, contact us to discuss how we can help achieve your goals: